The Rural Broadband Initiative, (RBI) is ultra-fast broadband for Rural areas. RBI utilizes existing cellular infrastructure with long range equipment to provide internet where there is no ADSL capability. RexNetworks can provide, install and service your RBI connection needs. If RBI is unavailable where you live, we also have many Satellite broadband options.

+ Ownership of Outdoor Antenna may be required
$ 159 00
incl GST Per Month
+ Ownership of Outdoor Antenna may be required
Data Packs:
+1GB Pack
Flat rate data at $2 + GST per GB

All Outdoor Antenna Required RBI plans have $399 excl GST Install fee on an open term. This install fee purchases the outdoor antenna, cabling and install.  Full terms and conditions are available from here.

There is no setup or install fee if only a modem is required due to coverage.

Note: RBI is “what is available best effort.” Factors such as network congestion at peak hours and downloads in progress may affect the actual speed and are completely outside our control.

*Our HomeLine uses VoIP technology. VoIP Phones are cheaper, have more features than a standard phone line, and you can keep your existing number.

-You get free Local calling, Caller ID & Voicemail

-National landlines calls cost 5c per/min incl GST

-National mobile calls cost 25c per/min incl GST


Custom Rural Solutions

We currently provide fast broadband solutions in various locations within the wider Bay of Plenty region. Click here to find out about our current projects both underway and complete.